Gemstone Setting Full Day


Gemstone Setting Full Day


If you love a little sparkle and are looking to take your jewellery making to the next level then this is the perfect workshop!

During this intensive full day workshop you will be learning 2 invaluable stone setting techniques that will have you incorporating beautiful faceted gemstones into your jewellery designs.  

The two stone setting techniques covered are ::

Tube Setting - 

Tube setting is a method of setting round faceted gemstones. This is stylish way to incorporate colour & beauty of gemstones into your jewellery designs and a fantastic first step towards more complex gemstone settings.  

FlushSetting - 

Flush setting is the technique whereby a facet bet stone is set into a piece of jewellery so that the table of the stone is flush with the surface of the metal.  Flush setting is a great alternative to having raised setting such as a bezel, tubes or prongs, adding a sleek look to your designs. 

Workshop Dates & Times:
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