Claw Setting Natural Rough Gemstones

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Claw setting natural uncut gemstones.jpg
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Claw Setting Natural Rough Gemstones


Natural uncut rough gemstones have been capturing centre stage in the jewellery scene with their minimalistic and organic style.  These rough gemstones are exactly the way nature created them and no two are alike! Due to their own personal variation a creative stone setting solution lends best for making these beauties standout.  

In this workshop you will be learning how to make a handcrafted silver claw setting to capture rough spinels, garnets, turquoise, topaz, tourmalines, diamonds etc.  Choose from making earrings, pendant, ring or charm. The end results are raw organic beauty.

This is a technique based class whereby design and the item of jewellery you create is up to you.  

Skills taught :: Stone selection, claw setting, soldering, measuring, setting, filing, sanding, polishing

£50 inclusive of all tools, sterling silver for a claw setting*, and plenty cups of hot tea and coffee. Excludes gemstones **

* Additional silver can be purchased on the day if you would to expand your project to a ring. If you are making a ring, a previous ring making class is required. 

** Does not include gemstones as these are your personal choice. Gemstones range in price from £1 - £20.  If there is a particular gemstones or colour you are looking for please email me in advance and I can insure it is in stock. 


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