Beautiful Silver Bangles

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Beautiful Silver Bangles


Shimmering silver bangles have always been an accessory favourite that can be worn almost anywhere and with any outfit!

Throughout the workshop you will be shown all the skills required to size and fabricate bangles, as well as the opportunity to experiment with hammers to create textures, metal punches to personalise your work, hand made metal charms, and a combination or textures and finishes. The design choice is yours!  

During the workshop you should be able to make 1-3 bangles depending on your choice of design. 

Workshop is suitable for beginners

Skills taught :: Sawing/piercing metal, filing, annealing, soldering, texturing, forming, sizing, finishing

Check out our 'Bangles, Cuffs & Bracelet Inspiration' Pinterest board for some eye candy & stunning examples.

£40 plus materials** 

**All tools are provided.  The sterling silver required to make your jewellery can be bought on the day, payment by cash or cheque.  Material cost vary depending on the number and size of the bangle being made but as a rough guide approximately £10 of silver will make an average thickness bangle to £15 for a single chunky bangle.

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