Chainmaille - Adult & Teen Workshop


You’ll be amazed at what you can do with just a pair of pliers and some shiny jump rings! In this workshop you’ll be learning to use pliers like a pro and interlocking jump rings into intricate patterns all while learning the ancient craft of chainmaille.

The results will have your friends in awe over the beautiful bracelet you’ll be adorning by the end of the workshop.  Once mastering the basic techniques and fundamentals you’ll be able to go on tackling different weaves and patterns at home with only a pair of pliers and a pile of jump rings.   Better yet, they make great gifts!!

This workshop has two different listings - one for teens and one for adults ::  

Adult workshop £35 inclusive of all materials // This workshop teaches a more intricate pattern than the one taught during the teen workshop and includes a sterling silver clasp. 

Teen workshop £28 inclusive of all materials// The materials used is tarnish resistant silver coloured copper wire.

DATES: TBA Please email me to express your interest in this workshop.  Private and small group workshops are available upon request.